Why ecoJustice?
Like most governmental organizations, justice organizations are under pressure to reduce cost and general, do more with less. JANO’s ecojustice suite of products is designed to not only reduce costs, but to reduce the carbon foot print. accordingly, paper is generated ONLY when it is absolutely needed.

ecoJustice products save money and reduce the carbon footprint by:

  • Eliminating the need to print the hard copy of letters of office and court orders for the court file by automatically saving the document as an image and indexing the image of the document the the case.
  • Eliminating the need to copy and/or print documents by distributing the electronic image of documents to judges, the public and others in the criminal justice organizations.

ecoJustice products reduce cost by eliminating the manpower required for handling paper and reducing cost of storage space (space, equipment and file folders).

ecoJustice products improve efficiencies and customer service by processing and distributing electronic forms from the public (iOP) to the court and only generating the requisite executed hard copy to the petitioner.

ecoJustice products improve efficiencies within the justice organizations by routing and distributing documents electronically.

Below are videos about ecoJustice. Enjoy!