eMAGNUS Calendar

eMAGNUS Calendar will automatically send an email to all of the attorney(s) on the court case when the case has been set for court hearing/trial. The email will contain the court date, time, court room, judge and a description of the court event (motion hearing, trial, etc.) and the case caption (e.g. Jane Doe v. John Smith).

By attaching an iCalendar file to each email, the attorney can choose to have his/her personal calendar (Outlook, Korganizer, Lighting, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, Novell’s GroupWise, Apple’s iCal, etc.) updated with the same schedule information. eMail will be automatically sent each evening for all of the schedule records entered into the court’s schedule system for that day.

eMAGNUS Calendar comes in two versions:

  • Basic is for all of the outside attorneys that are on the court case.

  • Complete includes the outside attorneys plus the Judges, Public Defender, States Attorney and the Police Officers that are on the case.

BlackBerrys, Smart Phones, iPhones and other PDA’s: Recipients that receive an email can replicate this calendar entry into their personal PDA.