History of JANO

For several years, JANO®  has been on the forefront of the revolution to bring the latest technology to the county criminal justice organizations by offering an integrated family of products that provide a comprehensive and scalable solution.

First organized in 1989 as Jano Data Systems, Inc., we have been providing software applications and services to clients nationwide for over 20 years. In 2001, the company changed its name to Jano Justice Systems to better reflect our specialized product and service offering, and to more easily identify with our growing roster of exclusive criminal justice customers.

Today, Jano Technologies, Inc. (JANO) is still a privately held, family owned software development company with headquarters in Jackson, MS. The company has a staff of nine full time professionals, and two part-time consultants.

JANO was founded by Vasco L. Bridges Jr. and Samuel Burton who ran the company for over 20 years. Now, the company is under the leadership of Nosa Bridges, the son of one of the original co-founders.

JANO’s mission is to build systems that work; we provide solutions to satisfy clients’ requirements, and provide user-comfortable solutions requiring minimal training. With this motto, we have developed cm, an integrated justice information system solution, consisting of tightly integrated modules and several auxiliary service options.