Intergrated Court Module

The Integrated Court Module provides case processing for all court cases in a county below the State Appellate Level. Case Types include Traffic and other citations, Small Claims, Criminal Felony and Misdemeanor, Child Support and all other Civil case types.

The module is powered by a case processing engine that captures each and every court transaction (event) associated with a court case. As a result of an event entry, CLERICUS MAGNUS also generates a description of the event in plain English text. This same case processing engine also produces all of the associated court documents and adds entries to the court schedule. Naturally, transaction codes are user defined by case type for familiar and fast entry.

Significant features include:

  • Court Case Processing. Captures all events associated with a case. Captured events can be word processing text, event codes or documents. Powerful functions to support class action and failure to pay processing.
  • Integrated Accounting automatically captures and tracks all court ordered fines and fees associated with the case. Fines and fees are automatically calculated, distributed to the applicable general ledger account and disbursed.
  • Integrated Word Processing. Provides for mass or individual generation of court generated documents (notices, warrants, etc.). Also used to capture free form or standardized court events/minutes.
  • Integrated Calendar Management. Tracks all court settings by Judge, Court Room, agency officer and agency.
  • Integrated Imaging component. Captures all documents filed with the court without any additional data-entry.
  • Integrated Case Flow Management Module allows the administrator to manage capacity limits and blocks by court room, judge, event type or any combination of the three. Provides a powerful interface for the court clerk to view availability to select alternative dates.
  • Integrated Voice Response Unit. Provides on-line real time remote telephone access to court calendar, traffic fine and fee amounts and child support payments.
  • Object Tracking: Tracks both Court Files and Evidence. Positive control is achieved using bar-code scanning and support for multiple file rooms or storage facilities.
  • System Integration. Seamless integration with the following modules: