Probation Module

The Court Services (Probation) system supports the image, case, and document processing for a county’s court services department. This includes Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation and other special service units like Drug Court. This module utilizes two key components of the CLERICUS MAGNUS Integrated Court Module: seamless integration and the Full Featured Case Processing Engine. Integration with the Integrated Court module eliminates redundant data-entry while automatically triggering work for the Adult Probation and Juvenile Probation assignment desks.

In addition to capturing every event associated with the case, the Case Processing Engine also provides schedule management for probation officers (PO) and referral management for community service organizations, while offering a tightly integrated word processing system for fast and intelligent document generation. This module offers outstanding case processing functionality for a PO performing Pretrial Investigations, Pre-sentence Investigations and general case load management.

Major Processes Supported:

  • Create/Maintain Probationer Case. Provides three ways for the initiation of a probation case: automatically–through seamless integration with the Integrated Court module, programmatically–through an interface with a jail system, or easily–when special orders are received from outside the county. Case management entries are captured with user defined codes or with the PO word processor.
  • Online Inquiry. Allows a manager or a PO to inquire for case by name, status or file number. Managers are also allowed to inquire by PO name and case status.
  • Maintain Probationer Personal Information. Captures all ‘probation’ specific information and associates it with the probationer. This information is programmatically associated with all of the probationer’s court cases, both active and inactive. Probation specific information includes: employment history, education, residences (maintains a history of all home addresses and phone numbers) and history of drug or alcohol use. Of course, a complete criminal history is always one click away.
  • Monitor Actions Due. Automatically notifies the assigned PO of impending action which must be taken (i.e. ‘program review’).
  • Monitor Court Actions. Provides automatic notification when the results of court cases require the attention of a PO (agency referral, court case disposition or court case continuance).
  • Monitor PO Contact/Aging. Easily captures PO contact information with automatic document generation to probationer of next appointment and other notices. The visual calendar is a simple but powerful aid to the PO in the management of his cases. A powerful Case Load Management function allows the management of cases by PO and user defined case categories.
  • Monitor Probation Officer/Agencies Assignments. Presents new and unassigned work on one screen. Information on this screen is automatically populated by actions from the court or input from the jail system.

Programs Supported:

  • Pretrial Services
  • Pre-sentence Investigations
  • DUI programs
  • Drug Court
  • Court Supervisions
  • Conditional Discharge
  • Public Service Work
  • Sex Offender Programs
  • Risk Needs Analysis & generation of Supervision Level
  • Agency Referrals Management