Prosecuting Attorney Module

The Prosecuting Attorney module provides case, image and document processing for a county’s prosecuting attorney solicitor.  Whether this person is called the “District Attorney” or the “States Attorney” the system provides this office with the ability to track ad manage all of the cases whether or not they are subsequently filed with the court.  Outstanding support is also provided for quick and accurate charge document generation using user maintained statute tables and Uniform Complaint documents.  Teamed with the Integrated Court Module, seamless but secure access is provided to court and prosecuting attorney information.

The component that drives this module is a case processing engine that captures each and every event associated with a case.  As a result of a simple user defined entry, management can easily track case action status, case reasons, case dispositions and more.  CLERICUS MAGNUS also generates a description of the event in plain English text.  This same processing engine also produces all of the associated charging documents, warrants, correspondence to victims, witnesses and other case participants.

Significant features include:

  • Event Capture and Management: Captures all events associated with a case.  Provides for capture and management of the case by the Court Case Number or the Prosecuting Attorney File Number.  Captured events can be word processing text, event codes or documents. Minimal data-entry required for companion cases.
  • Charge Document Processing: Captures all the data utilizing statute tables and automatically generates charging documents (Complaint, Indictment, Information, etc.) utilizing a choice of PC based word processing editors.  Utilizes the Uniform complaint Book for fast and accurate document editing.
  • Management of Multiple Case Types: Manages and supports multiple case types prior to and after filing with the Clerk of the Court.  Case types can include Grand Jury, Civil, Felony, Child Advocacy, Misdemeanor, etc.
  • Case Disposition: Supports user defined case action codes and descriptions to easily capture What Happened, Case Action Reasons and the Defendant’s Disposition.  Data capture provides outstanding reporting and ad-hoc query capability.
  • Integrated Word Processing Component: Provides for mass individual generation of court generated documents (notices, warrants, etc.).  Also used to capture free form  or standardized court events/minutes.
  • Victim/Witness Management: Associates and categorizes all victims and witnesses associated with a case.  Relationships with the defendant are identifies and access is restricted by system security.  Our document generator automatically sends notices and updates to victims, witnesses and arresting agencies.
  • Integrated Imaging component: Captures all documents associated with the case without any additional data-entry. Arrest reports are captured as a fax image directly from the arresting agencies
  • Attorney Case Management: Tracks all events associated with a case before and after filing (Calendar, Attorney Case Notes, etc.) to the Clerk of the Court. Case Notes entries are made utilizing a choice of PC base word processing editors.
  • Application interfaces: Interfaces have been developed with several of the leading Jail Booking and Records applications. The interfaces significantly reduce the amount of data-entry for case initiation.
  • Reports: Provides a full set of statistical reports (samples available upon request) in addition to outstanding ad-hoc query capability from a custom ‘data warehouse’ in an ODBC compliant database
  • Total System Integration: Provides seamless integration with the CLERICUS MAGNUS Integrated Court module. Integration provides for easy electronic filing into Clerk of the Court database while powerful utilities assure positive document hand-off.